About Me!

Medical psychiatry provider available in Central and Southwest WY

With 30+ years of medical/nursing education and experience followed by board certification in medical psychiatry, I am an APRN-CNP PMHNP-BC at Silver Sage Psychiatry and here to help my communities with your mental health needs. We have two locations to serve you - in Uinta and Fremont County.

A full assessment includes all mental, behavioral, and physical symptoms before diagnosis, this can include laboratory testing, or other testing as well. Then, together we will develop a personalized treatment plan for you. I am able to prescribe medication, and will also recommend psychological treatment as appropriate, and refer to a local counselor or therapist. I also advise on lifestyle changes that may help with some symptoms. Referrals from your primary care provider are gladly accepted, but not needed; you may self refer. We work with all local providers and the local behavioral health clinics.

Treatments and Services

There are many treatments for patients with mental health and behavioral disorders, but selecting the correct one(s) will always depend on the individual patient's needs. 

I use a combination of medical treatment and medication for treating various mental health conditions including depression, panic attacks, anxiety, OCD, personality disorders, eating disorders, dealing with loss/grief, assessments/evaluations of traumatic brain injuries resulting in disability, FND/CD, schizophrenia, autism, Bipolar disorders, ADHD, and many other types of disorders. I also treat conditions that may result from the treatment (past or present) of these same disorders.

I also advise on the relative effectiveness of counseling or therapy, and use of herbal and alternative medications; and always do a complete review of all medications taken for possible interactions and side effects and am sure to include your regular medical providers in any changes planned to your medication plan.  

Other types of treatments may be needed - nutrition education, physical or occupational therapy, or some unique approaches such as equine involvement or music can be useful in treating some disorders

Why Choose Me?

Parking available
By appointment only
Wheelchair accessible
Bike parking available
Debit & Credit Cards accepted
Certified for all age groups
In-person and telemedicine appointments available
Accept most health insurance*
Licensed in WY and NE
Wifi on the premises


"Marisha Johnson VanVleet is amazing!!! She is helping so many people who have fallen though the cracks for many years in Southwest Wyoming"

Kathy Bella, FNP [Fossil Butte Medical Group]
Jun 7, 2022

Price List

BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, Mt. West, Optum, Medicaid (NE, WY)*, Methodist (NE), Medicare (WY)*, UMR

**--Current waiting list 6-9 months for new patients

-CareCredit Preferred provider, all major credit cards accepted, 

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Areas Covered

SW Wyoming, Central Wyoming, Omaha, NE

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